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The AFE group companies are committed to bringing you the latest innovation and technology, through our energy efficiency and sustainability initiative – Greenlogic.

We are at the forefront of industry development with many of our products meeting the industry recognised standards for performance and energy efficiency, and are assured the world over by ISO standards for quality and environmental management.

Our commitment to green refrigeration stretches back decades. In the 1980s Williams were the first manufacturer to develop CFC-free insulation. In the 1990s they developed the first catering refrigeration to use an environment-friendly refrigerant (Glycol) with an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero.

We’ve pioneered a raft of greener technologies, ranging from energy-saving Smart Controllers to systems using eco-friendly refrigerants such as hydrocarbon and CO2.

AFE group companies hold environmental accreditation ISO 14001 for the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of refrigeration products. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. Every manufacturing process will produce waste – all our operations are continually monitored by trained staff to ensure we maximise recycling and minimise waste. For many years we have recycled scrap metal and plastic waste. All the wood we use is sourced from FCS suppliers, pallets are re-used and waste wood is recycled.

However, Greenlogic applies to every single area of our operations. For example, we re-use shredded office paper for spare parts packaging; all our waste and by products are now colour coded so they can be easily streamed and sent to specialist waste processors; suppliers must adhere to strict criteria to minimise their packaging.

We apply the same rigorous standards to liquid waste. We only use chemicals that are strictly required by our processes – and alternatives are actively sought for any that are considered harmful to man or the environment.

All staff are fully trained with Spillage Procedures. Regular inspections ensure nothing can contaminate the local drain system. Residues are collected, separated and sent to specialist waste handlers for treatment.

We’ve invested in a comprehensive range of energy-saving technologies, from low energy lighting to speed-shut doors that conserve heat in the production area. Our energy-saving procedures range from minimising heating by sharing office space to function-testing cabinets overnight using off-peak electricity.

Staff are encouraged to think about sustainability at all times – to switch off equipment that’s not being used, to avoid unnecessary use of resources such as paper and to order products made from recycled materials.

In terms of logistics, Green Logic means we minimise our transport’s carbon footprint with planned deliveries and full loads. We’ve also invested in green transport technologies, such as transponders, GPS trackers, catalytic reduction and opticruise boxes.

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